A former Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, Walter Markley is a professional investigator and security manager.  After his career in the Secret Service, Walter was the security director for Chicago’s Swiss Grand Hotel and Wrigley Building.  In addition to over a decade of experience as a licensed private investigator, Walter has performed contract security assignments for Securitas Security Services, USA, acting as a Site, Account and Branch Managers for that organization.

Walter is a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services, the American Society for Industrial Security International, Special Agent’s Association and the Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association.  He is an associate member of the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a Certified Protection Professional and a Vietnam veteran who served as both an enlisted man and an officer in the United States Army.

Patrick Atkins, CPP

A professional Private Investigator for over 15 years, Patrick has over fifteen thousand hours of surveillance expertise. He has provided investigative services to attorneys in over one hundred criminal matters in both state and federal courts, ranging from driving under the influence to capital murder. As a former security director, Patrick has considerable experience in workplace violence issues and has provided consultation and protective services for commercial and private clients. Patrick has served thousands of pieces of legal process, specializing in difficult to locate and serve persons and has testified as an expert witness in such matters.

Patrick is an Associate Member of the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a member of the American Society for Industrial Security International and former president of the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators. Patrick is a Certified Protection Professional who served in the United States Air Force and is a combat veteran of Desert Storm.

A former criminal investigator for the United States Treasury Department, Ernie specialized in the investigation of corporate fraud, white collar crime, missing property, embezzlement and employee misconduct. He often conducted audits of security, operational procedures and internal organizational controls. Ernie regularly testified in court and administrative proceedings arising from investigations he conducted or supervised.  While employed with the Treasury Department, Ernie provided personal protection to federal employees who had been verbally threatened or physically attacked in the course of their employment.

Ernie holds a degree in Criminology from the University of California, Fresno, is a graduate of California Post Law Enforcement Academy and has completed several training courses at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy.  He is a member of the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators and is an associate member of the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Ernie is a Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Navy.

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